Exclusive Study Group

Exclusive Study Group

For just £5 a month you can have access to our exclusive Facebook study group.

  • Live streamed video lesson / Q&A every two weeks.
  • Guitar Pro and PDF tablature and lessons.
  • Helix tones and presets.
  • Guest lessons and interviews.
  • Prizes, giveaway and competitions.
  • Multi-track stems to practise your mixing skills.
  • Access to our exclusive community for musicians and players of all levels. Ask as many questions as you like and help out other users too.
  • And much more!

Once you’ve set up your subscription just send a request to join the group and the team will grant you access.


Whilst all of this is just £5, I understand that times are tough and that every penny counts for a lot of people (I’m one of them!). As I don’t want money to be the thing that stands in the way of you becoming a better player here is what I propose:
Drop me an e-mail or message the group on Facebook and I will grant you free access on the basis that in the future, when your financial circumstances change, you’ll contact me again and becoming a paying member.


If for any reason you wish to leave the group simply contact me via e-mail or private message. Alternatively you can cancel your subscription and you will shortly be removed from the group.