I – Cosmology
II – String Theory
III – A Message From Earth
IV – A Message From Space
V – S.E.T.I
VI – Man’s Greatest Machines
VII – Are We Alone?

Released 2012



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 The Making of Cosmology

What people saying about Cosmology:

”’Cosmology’ is the breathtaking hugely enjoyable new seven track album from English guitar maestro Adam Ironside. This album has all the fundamentals I like about instrumental rock/progressive rock/jazz fusion albums that strikes that chord with me for it’s rich diversity, fun energy and passion.

A lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of ‘Cosmology’, especially with the production and it baffles me as to why artists like Adam Ironside are not huge. This record have all the hallmarks that fans of catchy, hook laden instrumental/prog rock music will fully enjoy, often complex but always entertaining without the flash.

The band is obviously based around Adam who handles everything himself, right down to the mastering. ‘Seti’ is totally superb, I loved the vibe of this ditty and the playing is faultless, melodic fusion, maybe a little Alex Masi crossed with Greg Howe. ‘Are We Alone’ is also a very good track, moody and melodic with solid beautiful playing, makes me think of Andy Timmons and Neal Schon. The other two tracks that I must mention are ‘A Message From Space’, and ‘A Message From Earth’. As you can probably guess ‘Cosmology’ is an album based around the universe and searching for alien life etc…. both these tracks are superbly constructed and performed. ‘Earth’ is very commercial and catchy in structure and is a gorgeous selection with lots of interesting ideas, eventually boarding on prog and melodic, listen close and you can tell in certain section that Adam is influenced by Vai’s ‘Flexable’ album as you can hear some similar section. But this is a fantastic moody piece, sometimes even a little ambient. ‘Space is heavier and rocks out in lovely neo-classical style but it’s ‘Earth’ that is the selling point for this album, for me at least.

Musically it’s all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout ‘Cosmology’, we couldn’t ask for more really an this is one of those albums I can play forever. Watch out for Adam Ironside, one to look out for in the future and an artist who plays with feeling and style, and that’s a rare thing.” – Nicky Balrdian, Fireworks Magazine

“As the album title and indeed the track titles suggest there is a very strong Space theme that runs throughout the whole recording and this has been reflected in the compositions not only with the Jean Michel Jarre-esque synth effects but also in the overall feel, harmony and melodies. The opening title track is an epic 12 minutes in length and opens with the spacey synth effects I was talking about but has a very Progressive Rock sound to it reminiscent of John Petrucci’s solo work, Adam is certainly no “slowhand” and can step it up a notch with cleanly executed sweep picking and legato runs that embellish his melodies. One trick that Adam employs quite often to great effect (check out ‘String Theory‘ for instance) is to have the keyboard parts doubling his guitar lines and the second time he plays it the keyboards drop down an octave which gives the music some variation while maintaining an ongoing theme.” – JonGuitar Noize(Full Review)

“Adam Ironside has put together a progressive rock fusion album in the truest sense of the word. There is a fine blend of keyboard sound scapes and Adam’s rich and warm guitar tones. There is a theme based approach, inter-weaved with catchy melodies, giving the album a film score like feeling, punctuated by classy soloing, nothing over the top, all considered and fitting with the overall feel of the track. Overall I would recommend this to fans of progressive guitar music, certainly a grower!” – Laurie Monk, Truth In Shredding

“Just got Adam Ironside’s album ”Cosmology” – absolutely fantastic stuff.” – Lyle Watt

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