skypainter cover 1
1 – Prelude
2 – Telling Time
3 – The SkyPainter
4 – Accidents: The Unforgivable Thing
5 – Without A Trace
6 – Extinction Level Event
7 – DragonSky
8 – Epilogue

Released 2016



Music Video for Extinction Level Event

Cinematic Progressive Metal: The Making of The SkyPainter

What People are Saying about The SkyPainter:

“I enjoyed it very much – to hear how the emotion of the story comes through, and of course how you interpret it, what you’ve done to adapt it. It’s obvious a lot of work has gone into this, and it shows…I’m honored my story was a source of inspiration for you.” – Michael John Grist (author of The Sky Painter)

“I am getting chills discovering Adam Ironside’s The SkyPainter. So good!” – David Wallimann

“You’ve nailed it.”

“Stunning musicianship and great music.”

“Skypainter is a killer album a real gem in guitardom or rather, in music in general!”

2 thoughts on “The SkyPainter

  1. Denis Reply

    It’s a very nice album! My favorite tracks are: The Skypainter, Without A Trace and Extinction Level Event.
    Everything: sound quality, music ideas and the story is flawless!
    Thank you, Adam.
    (…and also thanks Michael John Grist)

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